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Since 1999 Neil Whyte has been wowing audiences with his Swiss ball performances, to date to more than 500 million people worldwide, and has become the world's premier international Swiss ball performer like no other.

Neil has appeared on some of the world's largest TV shows including Wetten Dass..? in Germany, Special Guinness world records TV China, Wetten dat ik het Kan in Netherlands, Lo Show Dei Record in Italy, Rove Live in Australia and more.

Neil currently holds 4 Guinness world Records:

- Longest distance swiss ball to Swiss ball jump ( 230cm)

- Fastest time jumping across 10 Swiss balls one metre apart (7.85 sec)

- The most press ups on four swiss balls in one minute ( 31 )

- The most weight for a barbell front squat whilst standing on a swiss ball ( 82kg )

Neil is also available for events or product advertisement promotions.

Creatively this is best suited with companies with a vision related to 'balance'.

Asia and rest of the world:

Neil Whyte -

+61 8 412 977 487


European TV enquiries please contact Gunter Bugl:

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