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Watch or Download my videos for your Swiss Ball training requirements.

I am available for TV Performances, events or product advertising.

If you would like to learn one of the best and easiest fun ways to exercise, I can show you how using Swiss balls is not only one of the best exercise tools but it is also fun and easy.

This is not only crucial for maintaining healthy bodily function, but also critical in the prevention of falls and alzheimers disease.

My training systems and assessments are unique and thorough.

Who should see me:

  • athletes to improve performance

  • People who need to improve spine and back health

  • People with poor balance

  • People who are bored with exercise.

Bookings can be arranged either in person or via digital media from anywhere in the world via FACETIME or SKYPE.

Technique check

If you would like me to check your technique and form via FACETIME OR SKYPE, please contact me.


Swiss ball program design:

Program includes specific training tailored to your personal needs.

Fitness and lifestyle consultation:

3 -4 hours ( In the tradition of our health retreat, includes complete lifestyle assessment with strategies to improve overall health by looking at exercise, food, emotions, stress, work etc etc)

Please contact me for more information.

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